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Good friend

Days pass by and each day was more exciting than the previous day. In the middle of my journey, I was able to see all visit many places, meet many people students, business men, young and old.

One morning I was walking as usual to work. Life had giving me such an amazing opportunity to meet a special people, a good person. I was a bit sick when I met him because I tried every food possible. He offered a ride. I initiate the talk by introducing myself. Then, my room mate and finally this amazing person introduce himself. The ride was not that long to talk about everything. I gave him my business card but didn't expect him to call me at all.

After an hour, He added me to facebook and ask me when can we meet and continue our talk. As much as I was surprise as much as I was excited to meet him again. We agreed to meet in evening.

I think I was talking too much and fast. But we understand each others from different angle, because of my little background on business I had such a pleasure…
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Walking in Gabes

Walking is the best joyful moments you will have when you travel. I meet doctors, business mens, youth entrepreneur which I'm grateful for their kindness. Still in contact with them till today.  I'm the kind of person that remember roads, have graphical memory and I trust my Instincts to lead me as I'm walking. So, It's easy for me to tell what road to take to reach my destination, just by seeing a fragment of image or from name of street or even from taxi. Because taxi drivers always tried to take an easy way. Sometimes it's risky but HEY it's life. 
I discover a lot of lovely places such as this beautiful work from AIESEC Global Volunteer.  I have been lost sometimes but I always continue my walk without worrying or afraid. I always expect the best from people without been stupid and putting myself in bad situations.  
I really recommend walking because you will have no idea how much you will be amazed by the people, views, traditions and coffees.
There a lot to …

Medenine journey

As I am expecting a lot from my journey, It was much as a surprise to be invited to visit Medenine. I did not hesitate to accept the invitation specially from the amazing Omar. My journey is still in it's first days but as I heard a lot about many places I thought that two months will not be enough.

I picked up my stuff and took a bus from Chintech to Medenine for 1 hour. The amazing nature of Gabes will always blow your mind. The road is surrounded by Palm trees with a great view to the beach not so far away.

I noticed also the awesomeness of buildings that makes the views even beautiful.
People in south has pretty much the same character but has their own way of talking with different accent. As I have just few days in Tunisia. I can't recognize the difference myself.
 People in this part of country are active and work hard. I have visited some of Omar's friends who are really hard worker and doing they best to make their lives and lives of their families better. I alway…

Traditional wedding in south of Tunisia

After one week here in Tunisia. I realized that at this time of the year weather you can see four seasons in one day. I get lost trying to wear something for the whole day. I look to weather app on my phone each morning try to customize on weather and for how long I will stay out.

As I have one week here, I can say that I still don't know much about Gabes. I heard some names about places that I have to visit such as Chenini, Matemata, Gsour in mednine and many many more. With much excitement and motivation I was waiting for any opportunity to visit those places.

It was weekend I had nothing to do. After a long walk in gabes with Omar. His friend invites us to wedding. I accept to the invitation of wedding in Bouchama of two brothers ( Houssem & Oussama). Bouchama, is not so far. Who lives there has old traditional way for wedding and life in general.

The wedding there is for 3 days. I attended the first and second day of wedding. The first day is all about dancing and having fun…

5th day in Tunisia

Each day is an exciting day in Tunisia you never know what you will meet or see. I woke up expecting an exciting day.

After I had my coffee I get a call from Wiem to go visit craft show. I dress up and start walking with a big smile. From nowhere someone stopped for me and offered to give me a ride. I expected that he will ask for money. but No, he said that he does it everyday in his way to work for free because it makes this day better.

With much amazement of this gentleman kindness, I enjoyed the ride so much and took some pictures. Then I asked him to stop because I only know one way to souk Jara. I thank him so much
for being sweet even he don't knows me.

I was waiting for bus but I had no luck. So, I start walking. On my way there I noticed that it's still early for people here to start working especially in private sectors. People start working usually at 9 am. Also, I find that the train station where I put my first step in Gabes the first time. It was amazing feeling …

4th Day in Tunisia

I woke as usually at 8am and getting ready to start my day. Make coffee for both of us and went to wakes him up.

The sweet that Wiem get it to me as amazing and I enjoyed every bite. Moving out walking we meet neighbour that Belhassan knows. He introduce me to her but her poppy was angry. She seemed classy and handling herself. We continue our walk to our destination.

It was special day because it was the first time I took the bus after 30 mins of waiting. I realized that bus is a huge problem. We went in road that I took by night when I arrived first time I didn't remember a lot about the road but I notice the train station.

Our destination was souk jara to meet someone. Souk jara is the second big place in Gabes. I was asking about names of coffees because it's a big thing here. PS: if you remember coffies name you will never be lost. station was close to language faculty. just few meters away you will find yourself in middle of souk jara. in other side you will find galaxy …

3rd Day in Tunisia

Bird singing in windows is special feeling each morning. Bird allow me to took a close pictures like it's welcoming me with those special moments.

My journey today is about discovering from where to buy and how much grocery cost. I went this time with two boys. They were so nice to me and helped me alot. In carrefour, things are a bit expensive but fresh so you can't find something dirty or expired.

In carrefour, there is many stores. Grocery is the biggest one. I took a walk starting from bread where you will see many kinds of bread and in an nice ordering. Meat is so fresh that it calls you to come closer. and many many other products.

My special story with carrefour, I meet an phone service called orange was asking us if we have orange ship. I said no but other boys said yes. I didn't know if they have or not but I was trying to understand if there is a difference between orange and ooredoo " because I bought ooredoo", the girl answered no. I was surprised so…